There are some things I don’t understand

I have found out a few things about myself since we have been checking out different congregations..
I thought when it comes to a church service I was pretty much an “anything goes” kind of guy. But no… I do have lines scratched in the sands of acceptable that I don't really like crossed.
For instance when it comes to the message, my previous congregation had tried just about everything in our 15 years of experimentation. Drama, poetry, discussion, debate, meditation, art, puppetry and many more creative ways were used to challenge and stretch our understanding and faith.
I suppose it's not surprising but all the different services we've been to in the last weeks have featured a sermon as the means of getting the message across.
Now, whilst I appreciate all the alternatives I do still love a good sermon. But I reckon the line is drawn around the definition of what's good.
…and I've heard some really bad sermons in the last couple of months.
To me, it almost seems like some preachers know they have a captive audience that won't complain so they just go through the motions.
Do you think it's unacceptable for preachers to just waffle on, repeat themselves, make no clear points, or too many points, go on too long, say nothing new, lose their direction.. and then get away with it?
I do.
I took a friend, who had just got out of prison to a local church last month. Three and a half years I'd been building him up to this day.. well, the worship and sharing was great but the sermon was drivel (I'm sorry Lord, but it was!).. the guy went on for nearly an hour, it was like the Mr Bean sketch sounding like a monotonous blah, blah blah, blah. My friend walked out after three quarters of an hour and told me a few days later he didn't think he'd be going to church.
I am upset about that..

5 thoughts on “There are some things I don’t understand

  1. I can agree with you on this. As someone who both listens to and gives sermons I understand the need to keep it interesting, to the point and not too long.

    It seems that some people either like the sound of their own voice, or have forgotten how to preach properly.

  2. I agree with you. What is a service without a good message? It’s all very well to sing, dance or whatever but the purpose of going to Church is to learn more about God and the sermon is a vehicle for this learning

  3. Maybe people spend so much effort (or time) on the sermon because they believe church to be about learning about God.
    What if the purpose of church was about communal worship of God. The church as the people of God, and the church service as the time to worship him together.

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