A new beginning

Our youngest daughter left this morning at 0045 on a plane to London. Starting a 12 month working holiday. What an adventure that will be, for her and us.
She is the last to go of our four kids so now my wife and I are on our own. Our house looks empty but is over-flowing with barrowloads of wonderful family memories, so we're not unhappy.
…but what's in store for us now I wonder?
This morning our guinea fowl, (Martha) that had been sitting on a nest in the garden, walked out with 15 beautiful balls of fluff following her. Arthur, the noisy ol' dad of the chicks is strutting around looking very proud of himself.
Now if you've read my blog in the past, you will remember I have a particular yen to look for parables in the antics of our feathered friends.
So we have an empty nest… and Arthur & Martha have a full one… is this telling me something? I'm waiting with interest..

5 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Any chance of a picture of the proud parents and their chicks?

    Last year at Munich Zoo I saw some baby flamingoes. They were hilarious. Their legs were exactly the same length as their parents’, but instead of pink feathers they were round grey fluffballs.

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