drought musings 1

We had some rain in December and January, nowhere near enough to call drought-breaking but our garden and surrounding countryside has a slight green tinge (turning brown again this week though)… and our two tanks (sorry, the buzz word is “water harvesters”) got filled which is fantastic…
With stage 4 restrictions we are not allowed to use mains water at all on the garden. Tank water can be bucketed around to the thirstiest plants to keep them hanging on and the local chiropractors have a new condition to treat..”bucketers back”.
I also recycle every bit of household water onto the garden but it's still dry dry dry.
Now, thinking every dust-cloud has a silver lining I've found a few positive things about the drought.

Drought positive #1….
The native ducks will be really happy because the authorities have declared there will be no duck hunting season this year.

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