Aren’t they cute?

A few weeks ago I told about how our Guniea Fowls (Arthur & Martha) hatched 15 chickens. This is a pic of some of them at one day old. Cute huh?
It was impossible to get a pic of the whole 15 as A & M are very protective (I have the peck marks to prove it).
The chicks were hatched in the garden and it was a mammoth effort to get them into a shed, but we went to Adelaide for a week and I was scared a fox would get them.
Unfortunately a rat got in the shed and now there are only 7 chicks left.
I feel really bad about it but the 7 are looking great and I'll have another pic soon…
Oh yes, in case you’re wondering, and I got the rat..

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  1. I heard recently that Guinea fowl are not very good mothers, and chickens do a better job raising guinea fowl. Have you heard this?

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