Nutty as ever..

I can't believe how long it is since I last blogged. It's true, but whenever I read that I just can't help thinking….

Oh no! not that old chestnut

8 thoughts on “Nutty as ever..

  1. He’s baaaacck. 🙂

    Great to hear from you again; and thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog.

  2. But he didn’t stay for long – wherefore art thou hermit? Mind you, I’m one to talk, I visit people so much less than I used to

  3. Hermiiiiiiiit…? Hello? Anybody there? Hermiiiiiit?

    You have become true to your name, but surely spring is a good time to re-emerge? Come back, we miss you.

  4. I believe congratulations may be in order Mr Hermit [from James’ blog]: hope to hear from you soon.

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