Wiblog entry for 30/03/2008

Kikuyu is a grass (or weed) that I once thought was smuggled into Australia from New Zealand…you know, the Kiwis getting even with our superior cricketing nation… botanical retribution for the ne'er forgiven underarm bowling incident.
However I have since found kikuyu's roots (no pun intended… tho' it's kinda clever) are East Africa, but that doesn't change the fact that the tough green plant is slowly taking over our country.
My vegie garden is riddled with the invasive kikuyu, it gets through every barrier, and my organic ethics do not allow weed-killer. So it advances… I once found a kikuyu shoot that was 12 metres long trying to get under our house to the other side.
And then, we had new neighbours that moved into a place that was a bit overgrown. In fact there was a nice green hillock of kikuyu in the back-yard that had in a previous lifetime been a chook shed. Totally overgrown.
The brother, visiting in his new 4WD, thought he'd give a demo of his off-road prowess. He tackled the green “hillock” and drove right through the side of the old shed. A lot of dust and splintered wood resulted, but no damage to the car and a memorable story entered our neighbourhood folklore.
I have not blogged for sometime… I sort of feel my life has been a bit like the garden being taken over by the kikuyu. Things have crept in since our little church community folded. I think I've been angry at God and allowed myself to slide away a bit, to be overgrown by self-interest and other weeds.
(It has been a really wonderful thing to receive e-mails from several of you over the past year enquiring about my well-being. Thanks so much and I'm sorry I didn't reply.)
There is good news.. I have found a weed-killer.. a new church community. An Anglican congregation, a bit more traditional than what I've been used to, and full of sincere followers of Christ.
We are tentatively making new friends.
I think a new healthy garden is beginning in my life..
Additional newsy notes… James from the “dancing with words” blog is my son and if you read his blog you'll know I have just become a grand-father (for the first time too). That is absolutely fantastic and I am extremely happy.
..also some of you may re-call the “diary of a teenage drama queen” blog, well the drama queen is my middle daughter, no longer a teenager and getting married next saturday in Sydney to a terrific fella. Oh that's really cool.

5 thoughts on “Wiblog entry for 30/03/2008

  1. Lovely to hear from you again! And to make the family connections… congratulations all round!

  2. As deeleea wrote, great to hear from you : and wonderful to hear of the family news [congrats to all], and that you have found a new church community. My continued prayers.

  3. well, you certainly arrive back with a bang don’t you! grandfather, father in law, new church, and mad kikuyu! Wow!

  4. I wouldn’t call you a mad kikuyu!

    Seriously, tho, congrats all round – and keep up the weeding, the darn stuff grows back far too fast otherwise!

    🙂 Weclome back!

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