maccabees wedding

Well it was the Drama Queens wedding a couple of weeks ago.
It was a fantastic day. Sydney (and God) turned on weather that was truly awesome, the wedding ceremony was held in a park overlooking the Georges River… everything went perfectly.
At the planning stage we had a few concerns helping with the organising (particularly the reception) from over 1000km away but I was really surprisingly relaxed on the day.
I had opportunity during the service to give the bride away, it was a special moment. I remember my first daughters wedding (a couple of years ago) the minister said “you don't give daughters away any more, they are not chattels” which I went along with, I could understand the thinking.
But the drama queens church is not so liberal and the Rev. (it was his first wedding) wanted to do everything right. I was very impressed by him. He gave a brilliant sermon.
The catering for the reception, held in the church hall, was all Vietnamese. What a great nosh that was..
Another special moment was dancing with the bride, I still feel great just thinking about it..
One daughter to go but I'm thinking that wedding will be a while yet.

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