Tra la la

In the past year we (wife and I) intentionally took a rest from church involvement. Well, as you will probably understand, the break from a church commitment, that was my life really, meant a fair amount of free time on my hands.
So…. I got involved in singing. An oft supressed yearning to learn to sing in harmony has taken over and… I’ve joined a mens barbershop chorus.
Now I know this is not in the same league as Singing Semele but I am really enjoying it, the barbershop style somehow suits me.
Barbershop singing is unaccompanied four-part harmony, but not (I understand) the same as classical harmony in that there is a predominance of minor and seventh chords in the vocals.
I sing lead, which is most times the melody, the tenors harmonize above the melody, the bass's sing the lowest harmonizing notes, and the baritones complete the chord, usually below the lead
I have learnt so much in 12 months, one of the things barbershoppers strive for is trying to hit a chord so that it “rings” this is something almost magical and I am not certain that I have truly heard it yet.
I'll let you know when I do.
If I get good enough, I’d love to be in a quartet that sings spiritual songs in the barbershop style.

2 thoughts on “Tra la la

  1. Hello Carto, great to see you around the traps again!

    I’ve sung barbershop in a women’s chorus, singing tenor. The ‘lock and ring’ is a very cool phenomenon when it’s achieved… I went looking for an explanation of it and found this…

    "When a barbershop chord is sung accurately with good vocal production and tuning, and vowel shape and resonance matched in each voice, the combination "locks" the chord, creating an overtone (or several) in the chord, which is clearly audible above the highest note actually being sung."

    This kind of consonance is achievable in all forms of sung music but barbershop is the one form that is arranged and sung precisely to achieve it!

    Glad you’re having such a great time singing! Isn’t it great?

  2. That’s fantastic. I’m so glad you joined and did something you always wanted to do. I was in a little choir for a term for a course I’m doing. I _loved_ it.

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