Today I was hit in the face by a bat.
Now that would've been quite painful if it was a cricket bat but no..this was one of those little furry critters with wings.
On my usual walk at dusk I often look up at the evening sky, highlighted by the dark silhouettes of large gums on either side of the track, and see small bats flying along.
These mysterious creatures navigate the grey silvery airspace in total silence.
I know they “see” by using some sort of sonar and I imagine they are hearing a diminutive ping ping ping in their heads something like those old sub-marine movies.
But tonight one flew into my cheek just below my right eye. I was not hurt at all, other than getting a bit of a fright but I'm wondering why it didn't sense me.
I've often been told there is nothing in my head but I thought a bat's sonar would pick something up.
I think I'll go into Geelong tomorrow to a super-market to see if I open the electronic doors… just to make certain I'm still here.