The cheque’s in the mail

A bit more than 25 years ago I was a partner in a small business, employing 8 people, located right in the heart of Melbourne, ripe to climb the ladder of success.
As a response to not paying attention during all the business subjects in our qualifications, my business partner and I commenced a night course on small business management.
I reckon (or hope anyway) a similar course today would be a little different.
As I recall, there was a real emphasis on “the only aim for any business is to make a profit” and it didn't seem to matter how you achieved that.
I remember one whole evening was spent on ways to delay payment to your suppliers, it seemed of no consequence that they were people trying to make a living too.
My business partner revelled in making money and living the high life but seemed to hate working for it. I wasn't even a Christian then but I felt very uneasy about the ethics of it all… ‘n it was not long before I walked out of the partnership, losing all my savings in the process.
At about that time I had an encounter with the living Christ and was born again both spiritually and, as it turned out, in my working life.
I have worked on my own ever since, a bit of a recluse really, with a small but happy group of clients, and expect that any of my old business acquaintances would consider me a bit of a failure.