Reasons I love my family

We spent the weekend up the bush at my sister's. It was my brother-in-law's birthday and about 100 rellies came to join the celebration. It was a real hoot.. I am so happy that God has placed me in this family.
A family doesn't have to be relatives or perfect, just a group of people that accept each other and, I suppose, enjoy getting together.
Reasons I love my family.
1. My sister lives in an old country weatherboard and is not house-proud. The toilet door that faces the family room has not been able to be closed for at least 20 years but this weekend she made a special effort and sent her son under the house with a jack to raise the floor near the toilet so her guests would be able to close the door. It worked!
2. My cousin started having trouble with his hearing last October, couldn't hear in one ear, and finally got around to going to the doctor this month. The doc had a bit of a probe around and pulled a moth out of my cousins ear.. he can hear perfectly again.
3. My other sister makes toffees for special occasions. She discovered at some stage that if you pull the mixture off the fire early it doesn't set hard but goes into a sticky goo that she perfected and calls “lock-jaw”. If you sink your teeth into lock-jaw it is a real struggle to get your mouth open again. Anyway, she had us all in tears of laughter when explaining how she'd given some lock-jaw to her dog and the antics he got up to to try and open his mouth.
Does your family have stories like these? It's just how we are isn't it.

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