Stupid things I have done #1

There was one of those speed measuring trailers in our street last week.. You know the ones that when a car is speeding the message flashes at you “TOO FAST” “SLOW DOWN” and if you are under the speed limit it flashes your speed with a smiley face and “THANK YOU”. Well I was out for my night walk and there was no one around so I thought I’d see if I could run towards the thing and see how fast I was going. So I started about 100 metres away and ran down the middle of the road, flat out, towards this thing. Nothing recorded, but I nearly killed myself.. might be good for a young bloke but, hey, I’m over 60. I had to sit on the side of the road for about 10 minutes before I could walk. Not sure why it didn’t record me, maybe I need to be metal? Hmmmm. Next time I might try carrying a car bumper bar.

5 thoughts on “Stupid things I have done #1

  1. Great story. Things designed for cars don’t like working for humans. Where I use to live there were traffic lights that were red unless they sensed a car. We tried lots of things to make them change, including standing where we thought the pressure points and all jumping at once……didn’t work though.

  2. Hello, good to see you again after so long. Love that mental image you provide with your post. I would disagree with your title tho, that was far from stupid – it was inspired! Why would you NOT do it? 🙂

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